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SmartHeat Presented to the Hertfordshire Branch of CIPHE

Mr John Griggs, the principle scientific officer of CIPHE, presented the background to the SmartHeat project to a technical meeting at the Hertfordshire Branch of CIPHE.

John explained about the energy policies of Europe and the UK to set the scene for describing the concept of SmartHeat and its controls through the use of animated slides to help visualise the various flows of water and energy through the SmartHeat concept diagrams.

The meeting attendees were informed about ecolabelling and the implications for products and installers in the very near future and showed the surprising results of recent work to compare the lifetime impacts of various renewable heating products for central heating systems. In addition to the Ecolabelling Directive, he explained the scope of the Energy Related Product Regulations and how they covered many things from washing machines, water pumps and boilers to ‘non-tertiary coffee machines’.(It turns out that a non tertiary coffee machine is one that is not intended to be used commercially, ie a domestic coffee machine, but this illustrates one of the problems with Euro documents – the unusual English that is often used). The links to the interactive Government maps of renewable installations in the locality were informative and showed that while renewable energy was only a 21st Century development in the UK it is rapidly becoming established and growing.

John left the branch with a number of questions over how the UK might meet its EU agreed commitments to energy reduction and the growth of renewables, but had shown that there was currently a lot of work taking place that the CIPHE were involved in to try to train installers, educate specifiers and policy makers and help manufactures make a difference and make the most of the opportunities that are now arising. In January The Hertfordshire Branch will be the first CIPHE Branch with a presentation from a new Industrial Associate, Aquality, who make high efficiency solar powered rainwater harvesting systems and greywater reuse systems. The speaker will be Lutz Johnen who is the current Chairman of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association.


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